So, we are Hannah and Rachel and we've known each other for ten years *cries at how old we're getting*. In that time, we've managed to do some pretty cool stuff, visit some awesome places, work out what we like to spend our cash on and realised what we can/can't pull off in the style stakes. Mostly. This is where we're sharing our findings.

Hannah is desperately trying to create a chic, capsule wardrobe. She's often limited by those expensive high-end-high-street prices, but is getting better at not doing the whole 'oh it's only a tenner' thing in Primark and saving for that Whistles dress instead. She's constantly battling with her fringe and is on a mission to find her perfect red lipstick. 

Rachel, who often gets confused for Miley Cyrus, is the edgy one. Sporting an undercut and always in heels, her wardrobe is never boring and she's not afraid to try new trends. She's currently working her way through the colour chart at her local hairdressers and is NEVER seen without lipstick.

At this stage, everything featured has been personally bought by us or has been gifted to us by friends/family. If that's ever not the case then we'll certainly let you know.