Hannah's week: 

Kripsy Kreme x 1

Wine x 2 glasses

Boxercise x 1

Pilates x 1

Easter treats ... A few

So, after questioning how much of a good idea it was to start our plan on a Friday, I actually started the week pretty well. One of my main downfalls is that I work in an office of feeder but, as there was hardly anybody in last Friday, I wasn't particularly tempted. Then I got home and my bf arrived with Krispy Kremes. Bye bye healthy Friday.

I normally would have let that de-rail me for the whole weekend but the next day I jumped back on the wagon and, aside for a couple of glasses of wine, had a pretty healthy weekend. I prepped lunches for the week too (mostly a super healthy mince with either wholewheat pasta or courgetti), something which definitely helped me this week. My meals have been super healthy (porridge with blueberries, quinoa and prawn stir fry, grilled chicken kebabs, super mince bolognese with courgetti etc) and I mostly managed to avoid the treats at work. Until this happened... 


I couldn't quite resist and yesterday had a pretty colossal fall from the wagon! But it's ok, it's not about being perfect - it's about being better.  

I was always aware of how much sugar affects me but after feeling like a had a flat tum all week, I then felt horrible and bloated all day. Must keep away from the sweets, definitely my downfall.

I haven't done as much exercise as I'd hoped due to a busy/knackering week (I know, I know), but it's better than nothing and I am feeling positive going into the next week. I've decided not to weigh myself as it's just something for me to obsess about - if I feel better in myself then I don't care how much I weigh.

Easter weekend will be interesting. More time for exercise, but waaaaaay more temptations! 



Rachel's week

2 x sessions on the cross trainer

1 x 5k run with sprints

1 x spin class

1 x evening of legs, bums and tums exercise

4 glasses of wine

3 whiskey and diet lemonades 

Expected prosecco this evening (writing this on the train to a friends, there better be prosecco)

2 x indulgent meals 

I had prepared for my healthy regime earlier in the week to ensure it wasn't such a shock to my system. My nutrition for the week has been pretty good but I couldn't resist some cheeky drinks over the weekend. Alcohol is definitely my down fall. I'm refraining from reeling off the usual excuses [inserts relevant reason here].

So I've only lost a pound but I feel a lot better in myself already. The boys feel a bit smaller which is always a good sign. Getting in four sessions of exercise is always a balancing act but I know I've just got to keep at it. I'm trying not to be too focused on what numbers the sad step tells me but I would really like to lose the stone I've put on. Must. Keep. Plodding. 

Some of my healthy meals this week: 

 Healthy flourless pancakes (post work out) 

Healthy flourless pancakes (post work out) 

 Lamb chops, Greek salad, lemon roasted new potatoes

Lamb chops, Greek salad, lemon roasted new potatoes

 Prawn and falafel lettuce boats

Prawn and falafel lettuce boats

 Citrus grilled chicken and halloumi salad

Citrus grilled chicken and halloumi salad

 Tuna and salmon sashimi and pickle salad

Tuna and salmon sashimi and pickle salad


It was 2010 when I truly realised I was overweight and lazy. I wasn't appreciating my youth and body so I decided to lose weight and take up some exercise. 

Over the next 6 months I plodded at the gym and focused on my diet, losing 3 stone in the process. When I heard that my friend had signed up to a half marathon I signed up too.  I struggled to run 30 seconds at the gym but built up slowly until I could do a mile (do you know how long a mile is?!). Mile by mile I ran until I reached the half marathon distance. From then on I was a runner, an awkward one but a runner none the less. 

I had maintained my weight loss for years with relative ease. But when I started training for the Edinburgh marathon my nutrition went out of the window. 'I'm running all the time I can eat ice whenever I want, right?' Wrong. Not only did the marathon knock me off course but it killed my love of running. I no longer wanted to be a slave to working out so I took some time off. Truth is I'm still struggling to find the motivation. But I've done it before, I can do it again. 

So this sparked our decision to broadcast our 'summer bod' endeavours on the blog. We hope this commitment will motivate (force) us to get our acts together. So every Friday until Summer we will share our progress. Don't worry, we ate all the biscuits in our households last night. 

Main aims: Lose a stone/drink less/exercise more/fit into that old pair of jeans

I am literally writing this as I'm finishing off a packet of Oreos. Herein lies my problem. I am an all or nothing person - if I open the Oreos then I'm going to finish the Oreos. Normally this doesn't really bother me but recently I've been erring way too much on the 'all' side of the spectrum and I'm starting to feel a bit gross.

I don't really care about my weight and it does tend to fluctuate anyways, but I do care about how I feel. If my clothes don't fit well, I'm breaking a sweat when I run for the bus and I can't remember the last time I got my five-a-day then I start to feel pretty crap. I'm at my best when I exercise and eat healthily and feel a lot more together when I do. I like feeling strong and healthy and at the moment I really don't!

By saying I'm going to turn this around, I'm hoping I actually will. I want to feel confident in myself and healthy too. My main meals are pretty healthy but I eat a LOT of crap between and want to avoid this from now on. I also want to fall back in love with exercise as I used to spin at least twice a week and loved it. Now I have a gym in my office and can't even motivate myself to go! 

I've booked in for two classes next week and eaten all of the chocolate in the house. Here's hoping...

Main aims: feel healthier/lose some chub/exercise more/lay off the sugar and improve my willpower!

We'll be sharing our weight loss tips tomorrow but for now have some food related puns...


We've had our fair share of broken hearts when our fave band members have prematurely jumped ship. First Robbie, then Geri and now Zayn. Beautiful, slightly messed-up Zayn. Hopefully he'll have chance to have a little rest and recuperate with lots of tea. In the meantime, here are the 15 stages of sadness you can expect when your fave pop star leaves you...

1. Finding out. Back in the day, this was normally via Smash Hits or the evening news. It's all a bit more manic (and terrifying) in the twitter filled world of today, but, however you find out, you go into a state of disbelief. Of course they wouldn't leave, why would they?! They wouldn't do that to us.

2. Cry. Cry some more. Get pictured with snot running down your face and your braces on full show from all of your wailing.

3. Call your local radio station to cry because they're the only people that'll listen.

3. Start questioning your life choices. How could they do this to me?! Don't they know that I love them?! How am I going to move on from this?! 

4. Take down all of your posters. The reminders are too painful.

5. Scratch their face off of your pencil case. They're dead to you now. Scribble over the 'I ❤️ XX' declarations on your school books.

6. Listen to your fave album of theirs while flicking through the annual. Cry yourself to sleep.

7. Wake up and hope it was a dream.

8. Realise it wasn't. Re-watch old interviews you taped of them at the smash hits awards. Laugh and cry at the same time. They're so funny and amazing, why did they have to do this?! 

9. Pledge your support to the rest of the band, they need you more than ever right now.

10. Stock up on all new merchandise minus your fave member. Convince yourself it's going to be ok.

11. Buy the new album.


13. Throw away your annuals, sticker albums, pyjamas and any other merchandise. 

14. Decide your relationship with your fave band is over. It's tough but your decision is confirmed when they appear on the cover of you fave magazine with some very questionable styling. 

15. Move on. Before too long, the posters have been replaced by your new fave band and you start to set yourself up for the next fall. You manage to continue living and, one day, actually manage to laugh about it.

We're pretty sure it's the same these days, maybe with a tad more YouTube, a bit less Smash Hits and a lot more crazy.

Stay strong Zayn Fans, one day you may even have a new band crush/obsession to fill the void. Maybe.


We’re obviously not bezzies with ALL of our Facebook friends (how can we be when most of our time is split between work, real friends and Netflix), but, for one reason or another, we are often stuck THOSE friends who you can’t delete but who seriously drive you mental. Here are our top offenders:

The drama ‘avoider’:

This one is the WORST. Probably someone you went to school with or maybe a younger cousin - the ones who upload a hugely dramatic but vague status and then refuse to elaborate on Facebook because they don’t want to seem dramatic. For example:

“Can’t believe I’ve been stupid enough to let this happen again. Well, I’ve learnt my lesson and you can be sure this is the last time. I’m worth more than this and I’m not going to stand for it EVER again.”

Response from one of their Facebook friends:

    “Everything ok hun? Here if you need anything xxx”

Reaction from the drama avoider:

    “Thanks hun, don’t want it all over Facebook. I’ll message you xxx”



The sentimental relative:

You know the ones, normally somebody a bit older, possibly even your mum - the ones who share those god awful ‘Share if you think you’re children are perfect’, ‘My children are always in my heart’ vomit-inducing type posts. WELL I SHOULD BLOODY HOPE SO, MOTHER, we did not need Facebook to help us discover this.


The wannabe reality star:

You can spot this one by the profile picture - long, glossy hair, some kind of bandage dress with ridiculous heels, airbrushed-effect make up, hand on hip, slight pout and standing in front of a full length mirror. Thier album of profile pictures is full of similar shots and their timeline is filled with bedtime selfies, bikini shots and photos of them with a ‘d’ list footballer. 

The ‘lad’:

Probably another one you can’t delete because they’re mates with your siblings or they’re mates with your bezzie’s boyfriend. Their profile pic is normally them downing a pint, doing shots with fellow lads or a group shot of a stag do where they’re all wearing mankinis. Their timeline is full of images from mental nights out, bitching about ‘crazy’ women, petitions to get Jeremy Clarkson back on TV and, their fave, The Lad Bible. Total LOLs. You can smell the Paco Rabanne ‘Million’ from here.


The baller:

Different from ‘The Lad’, this guy wants you to know that he’s winning at life. His profile pic is probably him with his glossy-haired girlfriend in an exotic location. He documents their lavish life and the expensive gifts he buys her, signing off with a cheeky ‘love you baby’, checks in at ALL the impressive locations and uses his status to basically let you know that he’s doing everything you wish you were.

For example:

“Totally loving life in Dubai with my gorgeous lady. Amazing meal followed by buckets of cocktails and AWESOME views and why not? We deserve it!!” at the Burj Khalifa with Sarah Taylor”


Party mum:

Party mum is a completely different kettle of fish to the usual, ‘my baby is the best thing in the whole wide world, look at ALL OF THESE SUPER CUTE PICS’ mum. While she obvs loves her babies, she’s keen to show that she’s more than just a mum. She’s the mum whose profile pic is her out with her fellow mum friends, the mum who posts pics of the bottle of wine she’s planning to tuck into when the kids are asleep and the mum who likes to check-in at all the places she visits when she’s found a babysitter for the night. 

The deep-thinker:

We’re all for the enthusiasm but, seriously, we can’t really get excited about your average Tuesday no matter how many ‘seize the day, live for the moment’ type statuses they post. Their profile pic is probably them at a temple and their timeline is full of deep and meaningful quotes, along with links to newspaper articles about how capitalism is killing us. 

Get me some coffee and talk to me about Ryan Gosling already.


The ‘they’ve got all the good stuff to come’ younger friend:

Ok so this one is mostly because we’re jealous, but all of our friends’ younger siblings/younger relatives’ Facebook profiles are majorly annoying. All of that clear skin, all of those awesome wardrobes and all of the perfectly made up selfies - what happened to those awkward teenage years?! If we had facebook at their age it would be all braces, awful hair and lots of seriously misjudged makeup looks. How did they manage to miss all of this?! Plus they still have that innocence of as time before going to work and paying overinflated rent made you a cynical old human. We miss that.