We've had our fair share of broken hearts when our fave band members have prematurely jumped ship. First Robbie, then Geri and now Zayn. Beautiful, slightly messed-up Zayn. Hopefully he'll have chance to have a little rest and recuperate with lots of tea. In the meantime, here are the 15 stages of sadness you can expect when your fave pop star leaves you...

1. Finding out. Back in the day, this was normally via Smash Hits or the evening news. It's all a bit more manic (and terrifying) in the twitter filled world of today, but, however you find out, you go into a state of disbelief. Of course they wouldn't leave, why would they?! They wouldn't do that to us.

2. Cry. Cry some more. Get pictured with snot running down your face and your braces on full show from all of your wailing.

3. Call your local radio station to cry because they're the only people that'll listen.

3. Start questioning your life choices. How could they do this to me?! Don't they know that I love them?! How am I going to move on from this?! 

4. Take down all of your posters. The reminders are too painful.

5. Scratch their face off of your pencil case. They're dead to you now. Scribble over the 'I ❤️ XX' declarations on your school books.

6. Listen to your fave album of theirs while flicking through the annual. Cry yourself to sleep.

7. Wake up and hope it was a dream.

8. Realise it wasn't. Re-watch old interviews you taped of them at the smash hits awards. Laugh and cry at the same time. They're so funny and amazing, why did they have to do this?! 

9. Pledge your support to the rest of the band, they need you more than ever right now.

10. Stock up on all new merchandise minus your fave member. Convince yourself it's going to be ok.

11. Buy the new album.


13. Throw away your annuals, sticker albums, pyjamas and any other merchandise. 

14. Decide your relationship with your fave band is over. It's tough but your decision is confirmed when they appear on the cover of you fave magazine with some very questionable styling. 

15. Move on. Before too long, the posters have been replaced by your new fave band and you start to set yourself up for the next fall. You manage to continue living and, one day, actually manage to laugh about it.

We're pretty sure it's the same these days, maybe with a tad more YouTube, a bit less Smash Hits and a lot more crazy.

Stay strong Zayn Fans, one day you may even have a new band crush/obsession to fill the void. Maybe.