Hannah's week: 

Kripsy Kreme x 1

Wine x 2 glasses

Boxercise x 1

Pilates x 1

Easter treats ... A few

So, after questioning how much of a good idea it was to start our plan on a Friday, I actually started the week pretty well. One of my main downfalls is that I work in an office of feeder but, as there was hardly anybody in last Friday, I wasn't particularly tempted. Then I got home and my bf arrived with Krispy Kremes. Bye bye healthy Friday.

I normally would have let that de-rail me for the whole weekend but the next day I jumped back on the wagon and, aside for a couple of glasses of wine, had a pretty healthy weekend. I prepped lunches for the week too (mostly a super healthy mince with either wholewheat pasta or courgetti), something which definitely helped me this week. My meals have been super healthy (porridge with blueberries, quinoa and prawn stir fry, grilled chicken kebabs, super mince bolognese with courgetti etc) and I mostly managed to avoid the treats at work. Until this happened... 


I couldn't quite resist and yesterday had a pretty colossal fall from the wagon! But it's ok, it's not about being perfect - it's about being better.  

I was always aware of how much sugar affects me but after feeling like a had a flat tum all week, I then felt horrible and bloated all day. Must keep away from the sweets, definitely my downfall.

I haven't done as much exercise as I'd hoped due to a busy/knackering week (I know, I know), but it's better than nothing and I am feeling positive going into the next week. I've decided not to weigh myself as it's just something for me to obsess about - if I feel better in myself then I don't care how much I weigh.

Easter weekend will be interesting. More time for exercise, but waaaaaay more temptations!