It was 2010 when I truly realised I was overweight and lazy. I wasn't appreciating my youth and body so I decided to lose weight and take up some exercise. 

Over the next 6 months I plodded at the gym and focused on my diet, losing 3 stone in the process. When I heard that my friend had signed up to a half marathon I signed up too.  I struggled to run 30 seconds at the gym but built up slowly until I could do a mile (do you know how long a mile is?!). Mile by mile I ran until I reached the half marathon distance. From then on I was a runner, an awkward one but a runner none the less. 

I had maintained my weight loss for years with relative ease. But when I started training for the Edinburgh marathon my nutrition went out of the window. 'I'm running all the time I can eat ice whenever I want, right?' Wrong. Not only did the marathon knock me off course but it killed my love of running. I no longer wanted to be a slave to working out so I took some time off. Truth is I'm still struggling to find the motivation. But I've done it before, I can do it again. 

So this sparked our decision to broadcast our 'summer bod' endeavours on the blog. We hope this commitment will motivate (force) us to get our acts together. So every Friday until Summer we will share our progress. Don't worry, we ate all the biscuits in our households last night. 

Main aims: Lose a stone/drink less/exercise more/fit into that old pair of jeans

I am literally writing this as I'm finishing off a packet of Oreos. Herein lies my problem. I am an all or nothing person - if I open the Oreos then I'm going to finish the Oreos. Normally this doesn't really bother me but recently I've been erring way too much on the 'all' side of the spectrum and I'm starting to feel a bit gross.

I don't really care about my weight and it does tend to fluctuate anyways, but I do care about how I feel. If my clothes don't fit well, I'm breaking a sweat when I run for the bus and I can't remember the last time I got my five-a-day then I start to feel pretty crap. I'm at my best when I exercise and eat healthily and feel a lot more together when I do. I like feeling strong and healthy and at the moment I really don't!

By saying I'm going to turn this around, I'm hoping I actually will. I want to feel confident in myself and healthy too. My main meals are pretty healthy but I eat a LOT of crap between and want to avoid this from now on. I also want to fall back in love with exercise as I used to spin at least twice a week and loved it. Now I have a gym in my office and can't even motivate myself to go! 

I've booked in for two classes next week and eaten all of the chocolate in the house. Here's hoping...

Main aims: feel healthier/lose some chub/exercise more/lay off the sugar and improve my willpower!

We'll be sharing our weight loss tips tomorrow but for now have some food related puns...