Mile high must-haves.

Not the sexy kind - I’m not really into the whole germ-filled, tiny spaces thing - the making a flight as pleasant as it can be kind. As much as I love flying to exciting places, the actual journey is not something I really love. The following, along with an outfit which is as close to pyjamas as I can get away with, help me to make it as comfortable as it can be...whilst I cross my fingers and pray for an upgrade before my flight to NYC tomorrow.. 


Blanket/Scarf - in a dream world, this would be from Burberry and it would have my initials on á la Rosie Huntington-Whitely or Olivia Palermo. Unfortunately nobody seems that willing to gift me one, but I do have a lovely Zara number which is very comforting and can also double up as a blanket when it gets chilly.

Socks - I like to take my shoes off as soon as I can on a flight and find soft, comfy socks give me the feeling of slippers without being THAT person who takes their slippers on the plane. Cashmere would be ideal but pretty unlikely for me right now.

Eye mask - the chances of sleeping are greatly increased without the harsh plane lighting. Even if you don’t manage to sleep, an eyemask and some ear plugs can make the whole thing a lot more pleasurable. 

Berocca - for me planes are a haven for illness. The last thing I want is some kind a sore throat for the first few days of a trip so I hit the Berocca first thing to top-up my vits. 

Face wipes - face wipes are bad all of the time except for flying. Re-circulated air, dehydrated skin and germs from your neighbour are not going to leave your skin looking great. Keep it clean and moisturised.

On the moisturiser note, I always have a small version of my fave in my bag. My skin is super dry at the best of times, even worse when I deprive it of nice clean air, so I  like to apply it a few times during a flight. 


To keep my skin well and truly hydrated, I also carry a flight size Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer which is a bit easier to apply in your seat and has loads of skin soothing, brightening shiz in.

Touche Eclat - to perk my dull, grey skin up upon landing. 

Eye drops - because I hate that stingy, shrinky eye feeling that flying gives you. I also apply nude eyeliner to my waterline before landing to brighten up my peepers.

Water - I know that they provide it on the flight, but I like to grab a bottle after getting through check-in to make sure I keep topped up. Those little glasses don’t last long and you never know when the next stewardess will be passing. 


Sunnies - so even if you arriving feeling like crap, nobody will be able to tell.