Ever get that nagging feeling that you'd love to be a student again? If you were a student in South West London and Oceana Kingston was your Monday/Wednesday night out of choice, these memories may make you feel differently.

1. Pre-drinking in the Kings Tun meant a pitcher for one with a straw. ALL THE CLASS. 

2. You found nothing remotely wrong with queuing, often back to the telephone boxes, to get in, despite the fact you were wearing hardly any clothes/ridiculous heels.

3. When you got savvy, you'd make up any kind of committee to jump the queue and get in via guest list. Go-Karting anyone?

4. Getting in with somebody who had VIP membership meant you'd seriously made it. Even more so if they got champagne in the VIP room. Did somebody say baller?! 

5. You've experienced the shame of being hit on by Bepe DiMarco (so famous we don't even know his non-Eastenders name).

6. You've experienced the greater shame of being hit on by Dean Gaffney. 

7. THAT smell in the cheese room. 

8. Being totally ok with drinking pints of Stella because it was the cheapest thing they had to offer. 

9. The realisation that the DJ in the cheese room was probably older than your dad. Requesting the Baywatch soundtrack from him regardless.

10. The 'feeling like Beyoncé, going to dance on the pole in the ballroom' confidence, followed by ultimate cringing the following morning.

11. A fresher grinding on you in the ballroom.

12. Spending the majority of your night looking for one/all of your mates EVERY BLOODY TIME. 

13. How different things looked when the lights came up and not being completely sure you could manage the steps to the exit.

14. The uncontrollable need for chicken and chips from Chicoland. Definitely never undercooked. Definitely not.

15. Making friends with anyone going in a taxi anywhere, in the hope it would get you roughly where you lived. Ending up at Kingston Hill.