We're both in long-term relationships and, don't get us wrong, we love them. However, sometimes there are things we miss about being single. This is in no part a reflection of our boyfriends, more a missing of that time in your life when nobody moaned at you about leaving your clothes on the floor...and a few other things:

Dates. Sure, bad dates are reeeeeally bad, but there are few things in life that beat the feeling of a great first date. Yes, there are still date nights as a couple, but the romance is kind of lost once one of you starts questioning if the leccy bill has been paid. 

Getting the bed to yourself. Let's face it, after the whole 'let's hug the shit out of each other and fall asleep in each other's arms' phase has passed, co-sleeping is actually pretty annoying. So many limbs to contend with, so much warmth and so many weird sleeping noises. 

Retaining the mystery. Chances are that during the courting phase (yes I did turn into my nan for a second there), whoever you're dating has no idea of the amount of time and effort it take to look so bloody fabulous. Fast forward a couple of years, a shared bathroom and a single medicine cabinet and the air of fabulousness disappears somewhat. 

One set of friends/family. The more the merrier is true to an extent, however, as soon as you get coupled up there are all kinds of diary juggling techniques that need to be used to ensure fair access to both of your loved ones. Come Christmas you may as well just emigrate. 

Freedom of the remote. Want to watch reruns of Keeping up with Kardashians all weekend? Nobody to tell you otherwise when you're the only one managing the remote. Try getting away with that when you have Soccer AM and Sunday Supplement to contend with. 

Your spontaneous self. There's something about being coupled up that makes you less inclined to do things on a whim. Be it the combined social calendars or the lazy nights in, those spontaneous days which turn into nights out just don't seem to happen anymore. 


Does that make us sound really bad?! We hope we're not the only ones. Please share the not-so-secret things you miss or, for the single ladies, the things you love about being single to make us feel less bad!